Guest Slips in the Long Beach Marinas

By Drew | Activities

May 24

All three public marinas in Long Beach offer guest slips. Guest slips can be booked up to 30 days in advance, and for a maximum of 15 days per calendar month. The current fee for (most) slips is $1.15/foot of your vessel/night; however, the fees go up every October, and there are exceptions for certain special events and also at Rainbow Harbor and the Shoreline Marina. To book the slips, all the marinas require current registration or documentation, current insurance with at least $100,000 in liability coverage (property damage or protection and indemnity), a current driver’s license, and there is a short form that will need to be signed. All paperwork needs to be provided ahead of time, but once it is on file reservations can be made over the phone with a Visa or Mastercard. Check in and check out time is 12 noon, and there is an extra fee if you leave past the check out time (although the marina offices can be flexible if you call ahead and ask for a late check out). All slips come with power and water included, and a maximum of 2 vehicle parking passes per slip.

Guest slips cannot be guaranteed at the marinas and often times the slips will be fully booked, especially during the summer months and on holidays. Advance reservations are highly recommended.

Alamitos Bay Guest Slips

Alamitos Bay books their guests on available end-ties, or less frequently in open slips. The end-ties are side ties, and in certain parts of the marina there can be a wake from passing vessels.  As of May 2016, the marina is currently under renovations, so guest slips are in extremely short supply, and reservations made 30 days ahead of time are recommended. Some docks have yet to be rebuilt, so there are new, concrete end-ties and old, wooden ones as well. Restroom keys are a $50 deposit, and there are currently no gates on the docks. If you plan on returning, you can keep the key instead of returning it for the deposit; this cuts makes it easier if you are going to be arriving after hours and cannot make it to the office. Reservations can be made by calling (562) 570-3215 between 8am-5pm 7 days per week. To try and book a slip walking in during business hours, you can type up to the harbormaster dock outside of the office and walk with your paperwork. If you arrive outside of normal business hours, tie up on the harbormaster dock and provide your paperwork and payment when the office opens in the morning.

Shoreline Marina Guest Slips

Guest slips at the Shoreline Marina in Downtown Long Beach are on GG dock, which is the dock closest to the beach, near the fuel dock. They are single slips, but are in  a limited size range. Guest slips here are easier to midweek and during the Fall/Winter, but fill up during holidays and weekends in the Spring and Summer. The docks here are gated, so a $50 deposit on a key is required. Keys here are on a computerized “FOB” system and are turned off after your last scheduled day, so it makes more sense to return the key rather than keep it for another stay. During the Long Beach Grand Prix and Long Beach Jazz Festival, guest slips are $3.00/foot/night with a three nigh minimum. Parking passes will also be limited to one per slip. Guest slips during these times book up very quickly so reservations must be made as close to 30 days ahead of time as possible. Reservations can be made by calling (562) 570-4950 between 8am-5pm 7 days per week.

Rainbow Harbor Guest Slips

The Tallship Lady Washington on the Pine Ave Pier

The Tallship Lady Washington on the Pine Ave Pier

Rainbow Harbor has many different options for transient boaters looking for guest slips. In Rainbow Marina (the Fishbowl), any slip not rented out permanently is used as a guest slip. The slips can accommodate any vessel up to 50′ in length and up to 16′ wide. Rainbow Harbor has the Pine Ave Pier, which is a 180′ long pier and can accommodate any vessel up to that size. Rainbow Harbor also has 150′ long commercial docks that can be rented out. The Pine Ave Pier and commercial docks are side ties with 50a-125v/250v  and 100a 3 phase power available. These docks are very popular with visiting yacht clubs,who have the option to raft up to each other with the harbormaster’s approval. Guest slips on the weekends, holidays, and during the summer almost always fill up, so advanced reservations are always needed.

The guest slips fees at Rainbow Harbor and Marina are different as well. Visiting vessels over 90′ are charged a flat $315/night, and the fees during the Long Beach Grand Prix and the Jazz Festival go up to $6.00/foot/night with a three night minimum.

Reservations can be made my calling (562) 570-8636 between 8am-4pm 7 days per week. If you arrive after office hours, tie up on one of the public docks and call the after hours line at (562) 570-3101 and inform the on-call person. Failure to do this could result in your boat being impounded!

Anchoring in Long Beach

Per Long Beach Municipal Code 15.08.510, no vessel may anchor in the nearshore are in Long Beach. However, the Marina Manager has designated the leeside of Island White as an anchoring area Friday-Sunday. This area is patrolled by the Long Beach Lifeguards, and any vessel anchoring outside of those days will be cited or towed. For more information on anchoring you can call the Long Beach Lifeguards at (562) 570-1360.