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May 24

The Alamitos Bay Marina was the first Long Beach marina. It was opened in the 1950s in east Long Beach, and has close to 2000 slips, making it the largest of the three city owned marinas in Long Beach. It is so big, in fact, that there is a smaller, privately owned marina (Crissman’s Marina) inside of it! It is also the home to a fuel dock, shipyard, several yacht clubs, and a Sunday farmer’s market.

The Alamitos Bay Marina is the oldest and largest marina in Long Beach. The marina office, located at 205 Marina Dr., serves as the main office for all three city owned marinas, and is where you can find both the marina manager’s office and the headquarters for the Long Beach Police Department’s Marine Patrol division. The marina office is also the site of the impounded boat auctions, usually held twice per year. There is a harbormaster’s dock out front with a free pumpout and water, and is available for boaters who need to do business in the office, or as a guest slip for boaters who arrive after hours. Behind the office is the impound dock, where impounded vessels are held until they are released to their owners or they go to auction. The phone  number for the office is (562) 570-3215, or (562) 570-3101 after hours.

Alamitos Bay Marina office

Location of the Alamitos Bay Marina office. Click to expand.

The office can be hard to find, and Google maps has the office erroneously located near the Crab Pot restaurant. To find on Google, search for “Long Beach Marina Headquarters”. The office is located at the very end of Marina Dr. on the tip of the peninsula where the road dead-ends. If you are driving on Marina Dr. and keep the boats on your right-hand side, you will eventually run into the office.

Alamitos Bay Marina Slips

The Alamitos Bay Marina has both public and privately controlled slips. The slips directly under the authority of the city are located 8 different areas in the marina, while the slips in Naples Island and Treasure Island are privately owned. There is usually a waiting list for the city slips, so for up to date information please call the Alamitos Bay office at (562) 570-3215.

The city controlled slips at the Alamitos Bay Marina are divided into 8 different basins. All slips come with a dock box, dedicated power pedestal, and water. The marina has liveaboard slips for vessels 25′ and up, but the liveaboard status is only granted after a non-liveaboard slip is issued. Since only 10% of the slips can be liveaboard, there is a separate waiting list for these, and the length varies between docks.


Basin 1 Alamitos Bay

Aerial view of Basin 1

Basin 1, located directly behind the marina office, has the largest slips in the marina, ranging from 40′-120′. These include the concrete berths formerly used for commercial purposes.





Aerial view of Basin 2

Aerial view of Basin 2

Basin 2, located between Heritage Yacht Sales and Joe’s Crab Shack, has slips from 25′-40′, including two public slips (for a maximum of two hours) in front of Schooner or Later. Stan Miller Yacht Sales also has several slips and end-ties for their inventory.




Aerial view of Basin 3

Aerial view of Basin 3

Basin 3 is the largest basin in the marina, and has slips from 20′-45′. It runs between Joe’s Crab Shack and the Marina Shipyard. The parking lot in Basin 3 is also the location of the Sunday morning Farmer’s Market.





Basins 4 and 5 are unique in that both are controlled by different yacht clubs.

Aerial view of Basin 4

Aerial view of Basin 4, including the Long Beach Yacht Club

Basin 4 is the home of the Long Beach Yacht Club, and the club has “first right of refusal” for most of the slips. This means that if a slip is available, it is offered to the yacht club first, and if it is turned down, then it would be offered to someone off of the waiting list. The Long Beach Area Boy Scouts also has a few slips for their sailing program. As you could imagine, most boats in this basin belong to one of the two organizations.


Aerial view of Basin 5

Aerial view of Basin 5, including the Alamitos Bay Yacht Club

Basin 5 is located at the very end of E. Ocean Blvd, directly across the water from the marina office. All of the boats there are members of the Alamitos Bay Yacht Club , the oldest yacht club in Long Beach. It is gated, and only members and their guests are allowed inside.






Basin 6 is divided into two different areas:

Aerial view of Basin 6 South

Aerial view of Basin 6 South

Basin 6 South is on Marina Dr, near Davis Launch Ramp and the Marina Pacifica Condos. It has slips from 30′-45′ and a separate parking lot.





Aerial view of Basin 6 North

Aerial view of Basin 6 North

Basin 6 North is located in the Marina Pacific shopping center near the Pacific Coast Highway bridge, and has 30′ slips. This basin also has its own separate parking lot.





Aerial view of Basin 7

Aerial view of Basin 7

Basin 7 is also on E. Ocean Blvd, and shares its docks with the U.S. Sailing Center. It is the smallest basin in the marina and has only a handful of slips.







Aerial view of Basin 8

Aerial view of Basin 8

Basin 8 is the newest basin in the marina, and has 45-50′ slips. It is located on Costa Del Sol Way near the Pacific Coast Highway bridge, just outside of Jack Nichol Park in Spinnaker Bay. It is the only basin that has gated parking, and laundry machines.



The private slips are located on Bayshore Ave, Naples Island and Treasure Island, right in the middle of the bay. These slips are rented out by the individual property owners, not by the city. The marina office does not keep a list of open slips on the island, so if you are looking at keeping your boat there, you simply need to take a walk along the canals and see who has “For Rent” signs posted on their docks. Since these docks are privately owned, however, the property owner can charge as much as they wish (as long as it is above a minimum amount set by the city), and it is often times much more than the city owned slips.

Alamitos Bay Guest Slips

Boaters wishing to visit Alamitos Bay can reserve a guest end-tie up to 30 days in advance, assuming there is availability. They can accommodate vessels up to 100′, and will need the vessel registration or documentation, the declaration page of your vessel insurance (make sure the limits of liability are at least $100,000), a copy of your ID, and you will need to sign some paperwork (much like at a hotel). The slips can be reserved by calling the office at (562) 570-3215.

Dry Storage

The Alamitos Bay Marina also has several different types of dry storage. There are two different storage yards for trailerable boats at the north end of Marine Stadium, on the corner of Eliot St and Boathouse Lane. The yards are gated, with 24 hour access for renters. The assigned spots can accommodate up to 25′, including the trailer.

The marina also has a small, gated storage yard for kayaks and sabots on E. Ocean Blvd, next to the Leeway Sailing Center. The yard opens up directly to the beach, and is just a short dragging distance away from the water. There are also shore moorings available along the seawall on the bay side of Ocean Blvd, but the waiting list for those can be five years or more. The shore moorings are rings attached to the seawall that can accommodate up to 5 kayaks or sabots.

Services and Amenities

Besides the Marina Shipyard, the Alamitos Bay Marina has several other services available.

Marina Shipyard Long beach

Marina Shipyard

There is a fuel dock, Alamitos Bay Marine  located in Basin 1 on Oil Dock Rd., along with a vessel towing service and a lifeguard station. To contact the fuel dock and towing service, you can call (562) 594-0888. The Lifeguards can be reached at (562) 570-1360. There is also an AquaLink stop at Alamitos Landing.

For out of town travelers, the Seaport Marina Hotel is located on the corner of Marina Dr. and 2nd St, just across the street from Basin 3.


Things to do in Alamitos Bay

Hydrobikes at Alamitos Landing

Hydrobikes at Alamitos Landing

There is no shortage of fun, family friendly things in Alamitos Bay. If you are driving down, parking is free in the marina lots until 10 pm or, you can bring you boat down and book a guest slip through the marina office. Want to boat around the bay, but don’t have one? Check out London Boat Rental at Alamitos Landing, or bike on the water with Long Beach Hydrobikes, also at Alamitos Landing. Kayak and stand up paddle board (SUP) rentals are available at Alfredo’s Beach Club, located on the corner of E. Ocean Blvd and Bayshore Ave. For a more romantic evening, Gondola Getaway offers gondola rides around the bay and through the canals of Naples Island.

There are also several bars and restaurants around the marina. For the best breakfast in the area, visit Schooner or Later in Basin 2, and make sure to order “The Mess”, which was featured on Diner’s, Drive-Ins and Dives! The Five O’Clock Wine Bar at Alamitos Landing is perfect for a mellow, relaxing evening enjoying California wines, craft beer, and small plates. If you are looking for seafood, The Crab Pot and Joe’s Crab Shack are both popular options. Boathouse On The Bay adds a trendy, upscale vibe to Alamitos Bay, while Malarkey’s is the perfect place to stop in for a have a beer and play some bar trivia.

Across the street from Basin 3 is the Marina Shores shopping center. Here you will find a Whole Foods Market, a Five Guys burgers, Petco, Paradise dry cleaners, and Phenix hair salon.

Just outside of the Alamitos Bay Marina on the northwest corner of 2nd St. and Pacific Coast Highway is the Marina Pacifica Mall. It boast a 12 screen movie theater, a Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, several restaurants, a two grocery stores, and even a yoga studio! Parking at the Marina Pacifica Mall is free and available until 2am.

Down the street from that is the Marketplace at Long Beach. Here you will find smaller and more local and eclectic shops. You will find everything from the Creative Cakery bakery and Nekter Juice Bar, to Ruby’s Diner and the Tilted Kilt. There is also a spayoga studioTrader Joe’s, and UA Theater.

Mother's Beach

Mother’s Beach

Mother’s Beach is a child friendly area just across the Davie’s Launch Ramp, on Appian Way. It is a small beach deep inside the bay, with no waves except for the small wakes from the passing boats. There are buoys roping off the water so boats don’t get too close and a lifeguard present during the summer season, so it is perfect for little ones to go wading in. There is also a large playground and a small take out place serving hamburgers, fries, and sodas. There is a fee to park in the parking lot, but there is ample free street parking around the beach.

Lastly, Marine Stadium is host to a weekly Farmer’s Market on Wednesdays, and, during the summer, free concerts by the Long Beach Municipal Band. During these concerts the speed limit is reduced to 5 mph, and boaters are encouraged to bring their boats to the stadium; it is not uncommon to see boats anchored or tied together side-by-side, with people sitting on deck enjoying the music.


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